Passing Strange The Calleshire Chronicles Book 9

Sloan runs through the bizarre list of suspects—the daughter of a deceased anthropologist, a jealous tomato gardener, a greedy developer, and a set of wealthy farmers—to find out who would have benefited most from the beloved nurse’s death. What he finds will astonish the entire village. So when she’s found strangled to death under a tarp, the community is thrown into an uproar.

. D. In this gripping mystery by cwa diamond dagger winner catherine aird, the village spinster dies behind a fortune teller’s booth, and Calleshire’s greatest detective looks into the future—and sees justice The annual Horticultural Society Flower Show would have gone off without a hitch were it not for one very pesky murder.

Who better to calm the crowd than Calleshire’s greatest detective? Alongside his bumbling sidekick, Constable Crosby, C. It’s not like this old lady, and who, it’s told, lives for the purpose of helping others, who plays the organ during service every Sunday without fail, to disappear without notice.

When nurse joyce cooper goes missing from the parish’s fortune-telling booth at the flower fair, her friends at the local church are immediately concerned.

Some Die Eloquent The Calleshire Chronicles Book 8

But with ominous players hell-bent on pursuing Miss Wansdyke’s money, will Sloan live to see his child’s first birthday? What was an old schoolteacher doing with a small fortune?   Meanwhile, Detective Inspector C. D. A chemistry mistress at the girls’ Grammar School in Berebury, she was a longtime sufferer of diabetes who managed to live her modest life to a ripe old age.

A deadly mystery by cwa diamond dagger winner catherine Aird: Where there’s a will, there’s a way—for murder That Miss Beatrice Wansdyke had died is not particularly surprising. Sloan, calleshire’s finest investigator, learns he is about to become a father. But one thing is odd—Beatrice Wansdyke died a very wealthy woman.


Parting Breath The Calleshire Chronicles Book 7

Meanwhile, bernard watkinson is tired of dealing with the female students’ vehement—and possibly dangerous—opinions, the faculty is equally out of sorts—Hilda Linaker just wants to finish her treatise on Jane Austen, and Simon Mautby can’t find a lab tech to help with his ecology experiments.

D. When someone breaks into a dorm room, leaving behind little evidence but a single kernel of corn, it’s time to call in the police. Before he dies, he manages to breathe the words “twenty-six minutes. The brilliant and acerbic inspector C. Sloan has to go on in his latest case there are rumblings throughout the campus of the University of Calleshire, of revolt, talk of a sit-in, of H? Chí Minh, of discontent.

But no one—not the professors, the students, or even the great detective C. Sloan—could have predicted murder. A young woman finds a second-year student slumped against a cloister’s column, covered in blood. D. In this thrilling crime novel by cWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird, a student’s last words are all that Detective C.

Malcolm humbert has been expelled, and the students are livid. D.

Last Respects The Calleshire Chronicles Book 10

D. Sloan mystery by cwa diamond dagger winner catherine aird, a body is found in the river—but the victim didn’t drown  When local fisherman Horace Boller decided to row his boat out on the tidal backwash of the river one morning, he couldn’t have meant to land a catch like this. The strange thing is, the coroner report indicates that drowning was not the cause of death.

D. Can C. In this C. What he ended up with was a body floating on the river’s surface. Sloan—and his markedly less intrepid assistant, Constable Crosby—to investigate. And judging by the state of the corpse, the death was not a recent one. Along the way, calleshire’s most successful pair of puzzle-solving policemen will contend with a handful of additional strange deaths, an antiquarian with interesting views on local history, befuddling municipal building codes, and a fisherman who has his own motivation for helping or perhaps hindering the investigation.

D. It’s up to the intrepid C. Sloan get to the bottom of this waterlogged killing? .

Harm's Way The Calleshire Chronicles Book 11

Can the old tag team of Detective Inspector C. Sloan, a body can’t be far behind. D. And where there’s a finger, thinks Detective C. There is a suspiciously long list of people gone missing from Great Rooden’s farming country: the tippling son of a local pillar of society, a financier who may have angered the wrong man, and even an old tramp or two who may have thieved one too many apples.

Avid hikers wendy lamport and gordon briggs suffer from a good walk spoiled when, while reclaiming a public footpath from the greedy barbed-wire fences of encroaching farmers, a crow drops a severed human finger at their feet. D. It would seem that there are a handful of bodies to whom the finger might belong.

D. Can inspector C. Sloan and his sidekick, Constable Crosby, solve the case? Sloan find his man when a dismembered appendage appears at a local farm in this mystery by CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird? When the Berebury Footpaths Society created their locally infamous motto, “Every walk a challenge, ” they couldn’t have known just how apt it would be.


A Dead Liberty The Calleshire Chronicles Book 12

Can inspector sloan and his hapless assistant, Constable Crosby, untangle this knotted web? But what should have been an open-and-shut case of envy-driven murder becomes complicated when primary detective Trevor Porritt suffers permanent brain damage. D. Why has the primary suspect gone mute? what was the victim doing with antinuclear pamphlets in his car? Was Detective Porritt’s run-in with the burglar an unhappy coincidence? And what part does the king of the African nation of Dlasa, a client of Lucy’s father, play in all this?   When someone connected to the case dies and the son of the king of Dlasa goes missing, panic begins to spread.

Kenneth was set to marry another, it seems, and Lucy, was jealous. Kenneth carline, an employee of her father’s, was found poisoned to death after eating a meal that Lucy herself had prepared. C. A crime of passion, a jealous admirer, a woman who would kill before she would be spurned—it might all fit if only the primary suspect would talk in CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird’s Dead Liberty  Lucy Durmast waits patiently in front of the judge at her own murder trial, refusing to utter a single word.

Sloan inherits the file—and immediately begins poking holes in what looked like an airtight case.

The Body Politic The Calleshire Chronicles Book 13

A little too convenient, if you ask Calleshire detective C. Can calleshire’s greatest detective bring the guilty to justice? what’s the value of one british engineer when stacked against the exclusive mining rights to a rare, hits and kills a pedestrian while driving in a foreign country—a nation that happens to be “on the sunny side of the Iron Curtain, strategically important, and extremely valuable mineral?   The British-based Anglo-Lassertan Mineral Company finds itself in hot water when one of its engineers, Alan Ottershaw, ” with thick veins of the strategically important mineral querremitte.

D. But now that the lassertan government is threatening to strip the mining company of its most valuable contract, poor Mr. From cwa diamond dagger winner catherine Aird: Caught between an angry government and his employer’s profits, an engineer conveniently dies .  .  . Sloan, along with his bumbling sidekick, Constable Crosby, who, must investigate the death.

This particular country has draconian laws about killings, so Ottershaw is relieved when he’s whisked back to Calleshire before the foreign police can throw him in jail. Ottershaw begins to worry about his safety—and when he dies suddenly in a war reenactment, it looks like a very convenient solution to everyone’s problem.

It seems that nearly everyone in town would prefer to forget that the Lassertan debacle ever happened—but why has a man been following around the Calleshire MP dressed as the Grim Reaper? Who has been sending death threats and live scorpions via post? Detective Sloan is on the case.

A Going Concern The Calleshire Chronicles Book 14

Then someone breaks into Octavia’s home and tears the house apart.  . Fournier, is anything but happy to conduct Octavia’s service. Sloan of the berebury cid is “a literate, surprising treat” Publishers Weekly. It seems the old lady’s  words may have been eerily prescient: “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

From a winner of crime fiction’s prestigious Diamond Dagger, this twisting mystery featuring Detective Inspector C. Amelia kennerly is perplexed to find herself the sole executor of her great-aunt’s will, as she barely knew her. Further questions arise when the local parson, Mr. D. A bizarre clause in an elderly woman’s will exposes a dirty secret—and a murder—in this “intricate, witty, and thoroughly delightful” mystery Publishers Weekly.

It was an odd request, she left explicit instructions in her will: The police must be present at her funeral, but when Octavia Garamond passed away, and the coroner should be exceptionally thorough when examining her body.

Slight Mourning The Calleshire Chronicles Book 6

D. The autopsy shows that Fent ingested enough barbiturates to kill a horse. D. And Mrs. In this classic parlor mystery from CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird, Detective Inspector C. Among them are a theologian at the local university; Dr. After dinner, offers to drive one of his guests home, the host, William Fent, only to die behind the wheel in a violent accident.

Washby, tall, graceful, whose wedding was the cause for celebration; Ursula Renville, and utterly aloof; the fat and extravagant Mr. Each of the guests had the opportunity to kill William Fent. Marchmont; the spinster miss paterson; the rector’s daughter, Cynthia Paterson; Quentin Fent, heir to the Fent fortune; and Mr.

And Mrs. Sloan, whose list of suspects begins and ends with the surviving dinner guests. Sloan investigates a dinner party that ended in murder Twelve friends sit down for supper at Strontfield Park—but only eleven survive the evening. But which one wanted him dead? Fent’s wife, the now-widowed Helen. So begins a fresh tale of murder and deceit for Detective Inspector C.


His Burial Too The Calleshire Chronicles Book 5

How does it all connect? D. When a man is found crushed to death, Tindall’s case goes from missing person to homicide. And then an important file goes missing from Sloan’s office. D. In the course of solving murder cases, Detective Inspector C. Sloan has seen all manner of ugly death. Even the legendarily cool-headed great detective might begin to crack when a second body turns up.

What little evidence is available—a burned match, a black thread, an earring—doesn’t bode well for a quick and easy solution. But there’s something particularly gruesome about this one, the body crushed beneath the marble and iron of an old Saxon church tower. On the hottest day in living memory, the owner of a patent firm, Richard Mallory Tindall, does not return home to Cleete village.

With rubble blocking off access to the crime scene, no one can get close enough to inspect the body. Detective Inspector C. Sloan puzzles over an industrialist crushed under the rubble of a church tower in this crime novel by a CWA Diamond Dagger winner.

A Late Phoenix The Calleshire Chronicles Book 4

Inspector sloan is the best there is when it comes to cracking the most complex cases. Sloan and his assistant, Detective Constable Crosby, are called to the scene. But can he piece together a murder that’s been buried for more than a quarter century? After three decades of disarray, the town council has finally begun reconstructing what’s left.

The cause of death, was not the blast, it seems, but a bullet to the spine. While its presence there isn’t unusual—hundreds died in bombing raids throughout England—the manner in which the pregnant girl met her end is sinister enough that Detective Inspector C. D. D. This quaint victorian town was destroyed when the Nazis dropped bomb after bomb on its perfect gardens and neat hedges.

All throughout Berebury, the sounds of hammers and saws drone on. Detective Inspector C. In the crater of a bomb site, a skeleton has been found. But on this particular day, the noise stops. Sloan is called on to solve the coldest of cases in this thriller from CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird Berebury, England, did not have an easy go of it during the Second World War.