In Search of Balance: Keys to a Stable Life

Dr. Swenson offers not only important organizing principles for making sense of our priorities but also scores of practical tips for finding rest and contentment in a world that emphasizes materialism and busyness. Swenson be your gentle guide for reaching a new stage of personal balance. Let Dr. In search of Balance by Richard A.

His advice is grounded in the daily realities we all experience, but his wisdom has been honed by the big-picture perspective of an exhaustive study of the stresses of modern life. Swenson, md, author of the best-selling book Margin, helps us understand the dangers of living in a fast-paced world and gives us hope for recovering a foundational sense of equilibrium.


Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives

The benefits can be good health, financial stability, fulfilling relationships, and availability for God’s purpose. Reevaluate your priorities, determine the value of rest and simplicity in your life, and see where your identity really comes from. Today we use margin just to get by. Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives.

This book is for anyone who yearns for relief from the pressure of overload. Margin is the space that once existed between ourselves and our limits.

Contentment: The Secret to a Lasting Calm

We can experience the contentment we long for―the peace, the fulfillment, the joy. In a world that honors outward achievement, and encourages an impossibly busy life, tells people they’ll never have enough, peace and contentment can feel like a distant dream. But it is found in only one place: in Christ.

Richard swenson, the best-selling author of Margin, shows that it really is possible. Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives. Come along on a journey of discovery and uncover the simple truths and practices that inspire a truly contented life. But Dr.

180 Daily Reflections Pilgrimage Growth Guide - A Minute of Margin: Restoring Balance to Busy Lives

Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives. Hardcover. Rediscover the space you need in between your work, your schedule, and your limits by eliminating unneeded frustrations and reflecting on how you spend your time. From richard swenson, this devotional’s 180 daily readings offer encouragement, healing, stress, author of the bestselling book Margin, and rest as you deal with time management, and busyness.


The Overload Syndrome: Learning to Live Within Your Limits Guidebook

Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives. Focus: learning to live within your limits. Hardcover. Anyone living in today’s society knows the struggle of trying to handle busyness. Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale. This book of the same name examines where overload comes from and what it can lead to, while offering prescriptions to counteract its effects and restore time to rest and space to heal.

. These symptoms are signs that you’re suffering from the Overload Syndrome. You feel tired, stressed, and burned out. Find the secrets of time management while examining your priorities and seeking God’s will.

Restoring Margin to Overloaded Lives: A Workbook Based on Margin and The Overload Syndrome

Are you lacking the time, money, physical or emotional energy to accomplish the tasks of a given week or month? Then you’re headed for system failure. Whether you’re facing burnout now or want to prevent it, these 11 lessons can help you understand stress and limits, find balance and rest, and maintain priorities.

Includes discussion questions, and quotes• 11 lessons for small group or individual use• Also available: Margin and The Overload Syndrome Paperback, helpful exercises, Focus: Overloaded Lives. Focus: learning to live within your limits. Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale.


More Than Meets The Eye: Fascinating Glimpses of God's Power and Design

Learn to see yourself as God sees you: a treasured creation with whom He desires intimate relationship. Indexed for easy reference Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives. Discover the wonders of creation and how they reveal a majestic God whose mastery of detail is evident everywhere. Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale.

Nature reveals a god who constantly nurtures and sustains His creation―including our own bodies―in ways that we can scarcely comprehend. Focus: learning to live within your limits. Hardcover.

Life Lessons For Women: 7 Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Life Chicken Soup for the Soul

Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale. The advice in life lessons is aimed specifically at women and their everyday concerns, such as finding time, making ends meet and balancing priorities. Focus: learning to live within your limits. Hardcover. Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives.


The Change Your Life Challenge: Step-by-Step Solutions for Finding Balance, Creating Contentment, Getting Organized, and Building the Life You Want

Hardcover. The change your Life Challenge is a perpetual book. Are you struggling to keep up with life? do you have a list of to-dos you will get to "someday?" are you tired of mood, and energy swings? have you tried other "life management" programs with little success? Are you overwhelmed by the needs of others, attitude, leaving little time for yourself? Created by life management expert Brook Noel, The Change Your Life Challenge offers easy but effective step-by-step solutions for implementing lasting change in every major life area: * Housework * Health * Energy * Joy and Purpose * Friends * Family * Money * Sanity and Centeredness * Chaos and Clutter Clearing * Time Management * Organization The three-part journey begins with a written "before" snapshot to identify what areas are holding you back and to create an action plan tailored to your personal needs.

Next, you'll find fifteen steps that can revolutionize virtually any area of your life. Inside you'll find instructions on how you can continue "living the challenge" for lasting benefit. Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale. Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives. Watch brook noel on good day atlanta! over 90, 000 women, many of whom felt the same way, have CHANGED THEIR LIVES for the better using the strategies in this book.

Focus: learning to live within your limits. Then you'll work through a series of Mini-Makeovers, with each makeover offering five practical strategies for how to apply the idea to your life today.

Hurtling Toward Oblivion: A Logical Argument for the End of the Age

Dr. Focus: learning to live within your limits. Hurtling toward oblivion is a guided tour of the realities that present a logical argument for the end of our age. Understand our direction and why we are Hurtling Toward Oblivion. Hardcover. Is our world coming to an end? progress tempts us to assume that our world will last indefinitely.

Swenson combines the trends of social change, the nature of humankind, and the rapid advance of progress and technology in a fascinating and disturbing look at our most probable future. Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale. Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives. But as we face a new millennium, it becomes increasingly apparent it won't.


Necessary Endings

Glossy paperback, may have minimal shelf/storage wear or yellow dot sale. Great product! Cloud challenges readers to achieve the personal and professional growth they both desire and deserve—and gives crucial insight on how to make those tough decisions that are standing in the way of a more successful business and, ultimately, a better life.

Hardcover. Focus: learning to live within your limits. If you’re hesitant to pull the trigger when things obviously aren't working out, Henry Cloud’s Necessary Endings may be the most important book you read all year. Dave ramsey, experienced, new york times bestselling author of The Total Money Makeover“Cloud is a wise, and compassionate guide through life’s turbulent passages.

Bob buford, bestelling author of halftime and finishing well; founder of the Leadership Network Henry Cloud, the bestselling author of Integrity and The One-Life Solution, offers this mindset-altering method for proactively correcting the bad and the broken in our businesses and our lives. Paperback, Focus: Overloaded Lives.