Hope Cemetery Images of America

This 85-acre "open-air museum" is noted for the artistry and craftsmanship of its monuments, derived exclusively from legendary Barre gray granite. The cemetery attracts thousands of visitors every year, particularly when the foliage turns during fall. This diversity is captured in granite on the monuments of those interred at Hope Cemetery--not only in the surnames etched in stone but also in the monuments' widely varying symbols of remembrance.

Within hope cemetery, to highly individualized modern monuments depicting images representative of family life, memorials range from traditional European forms, interests, cherubs, a soccer ball, and other religious hallmarks, and leisure in the form of such diverse objects as lounge chairs, including angels, race cars, airplanes, and many more.

Barre was a boomtown with a rapidly rising population of European immigrants, especially those from Italy and Scotland, seeking opportunities as artisan carvers and laborers in the area's granite quarries. Hope cemetery in barre, Vermont, is one of New England's most renowned graveyards. Ethnic enclaves developed around Barre; most notably, the city's north end became known as Little Italy.


Salt Lake City Cemetery Images of America

The salt lake city cemetery was established in september 1847 when George Wallace, who arrived with the first company of Mormon pioneers two months prior, buried his young daughter on a picturesque hillside above the Salt Lake Valley. It also serves as a guide for navigating the cemetery grounds in person, with grave locations accompanying most captions.

This book highlights these influential figures and many more. It has since grown to become the largest municipal cemetery in the United States, containing approximately 130, 000 gravesites. To walk through the salt lake city cemetery's 120 acres is to trace a path through Utah history and experience a mosaic of the diverse and fascinating individuals who have shaped it: politicians, outlaws, inventors, educators, activists, artists, pioneers, and currently 12 presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die

A hauntingly beautiful travel guide to the world's most visited cemeteries, told through spectacular photography and their unique histories and residents. In this bucket list of travel musts, who hosts the popular Cemetery Travel blog, author Loren Rhoads, details the history and features that make each destination unique.

Savannah's bonaventure cemetery has gorgeous night tours of the Southern Gothic tombstones under moss-covered trees that is one of the most popular draws of the city. Many also visit mount koya cemetery in japan, 000 lanterns illuminate the forest setting, or graveside in Oaxaca, where 10, Mexico to witness Day of the Dead fiestas.

Throughout will be profiles of famous people buried there, and unusual elements, striking memorials by noted artists, such as the hand carved wood grave markers in the Merry Cemetery in Romania.199 cemeteries to see before you die features these unforgettable cemeteries, along with 196 more, seen in more than 300 photographs.

More than 3. 5 million tourists flock to Paris's Père Lachaise cemetery each year. They are lured there, ornate tombstones and crypts, notable residents, and to many cemeteries around the world, vivid history, by a combination of natural beauty, and even wildlife.

Asheville's Riverside Cemetery Images of America

Around every bend of riverside's winding roads, a new story is waiting to be told, the sad ending of 18 German sailors who were prisoners during World War I, from a deadly shoot-out in Pack Square, to a United States senator with a connection to the Hope Diamond fortune--and its curse. Asheville's riverside cemetery illustrates the history of the cemetery and the notable figures who rest within, telling their stories and giving glimpses of what one could hear if stones could talk.

Henry, colorful politicians, Civil War heroes, and acclaimed artists and craftsmen. Since december 1885, the wrought iron gates of Riverside Cemetery have welcomed both mourners and visitors alike. The garden-style cemetery overlooking the French Broad River is the final resting place of great American authors Thomas Wolfe and O.


From Barre To Montpelier: Central Vermont History

These are collected essays of Paul Heller, many previously published in the Times-Argus newspaper.

Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel

Jim morrison’s grave in père lachaise Cemetery ranks in the top five tourist sites of Paris and draws a million visitors a year. The arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: both graveyards. The #1 tourist destination in Michigan has three cemeteries. Gettysburg is a National Park because it has a graveyard.

Yosemite National Park has a graveyard. America’s best-preserved Gold Rush ghost town has five. Wish you were here: adventures in cemetery Travel contains 35 graveyard travel essays, churchyards, which visit more than 50 cemeteries, and grave sites around the world. Some graveyards are even tourist destinations in themselves: the Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague, the colonial burying grounds of Boston, and Kennedy’s eternal flame in Arlington National Cemetery.

Nearly every tourist destination has a graveyard.

Forest Hill Cemetery Images of America

Robertson, with J. The rich, the famous, the poor, and the unsung all have stories to be told, and this book recounts their tales. Early in 1870, george sanderson, William Breck, Elisha Phinney, and J. A. Beyond the rustic gates of the Forest Hill Cemetery in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, lies a vast wealth of history.

Gardner Sanderson and George S. Kingsbury, purchased a 50-acre tract of land from the Pennsylvania Coal Company, which became the last resting place for the cemetery's 18, 000 residents. Numerous congressmen, state representatives, lieutenant governors, and other elected officials make up Forest Hill's political graveyard.

The civil war section of the cemetery is home to over 300 Union soldiers and two Confederates.