Economic Revitalization: Cases and Strategies for City and Suburb

SAGE Publications, Inc - It is one of the first to talk about how revitalization strategies are implemented in both cities and suburbs, particularly inner-ring suburbs that are experiencing decline previously associated only with inner-city neighborhoods. Economic revitalization is unique in that it discusses leading revitalization strategies in the context of both city and suburban settings, offering case studies of program development and implementation.

They illustrate the tradeoffs often made in achieving one goal at the expense of another. The book is aimed at students and practitioners of economic development planning who seek to foster stronger economies and greater opportunity in inner cites and older suburbs. Although they admit that some of the cases come up short in illustrating a more equitable and sustainable economic development practice, Fitzgerald and Leigh conclude with an optimistic view that the field is changing.

Economic Revitalization: Cases and Strategies for City and Suburb - Each of these chapters begins with an overview of the strategy and then presents cases of how it is being implemented. It is also meant to assist planners in thriving new towns and suburban communities seeking to avoid future economic decline as their communities mature. The cases draw from atlanta, portland, new haven, Sandy Springs, Emeryville, Chicago and its suburbs, Louisville, Kalamazoo, and Seattle and suburban King County.

In economic revitalization: cases and strategies for City and Suburb Fitzgerald and Leigh answer the need for a text that incorporates social justice and sustainability into how we think about and practice economic development. After setting the context with a brief history of economic development practice and its shortcomings, industrial and office property reuse, commercial revitalization, industrial retention, Brownfield redevelopment, Fitzgerald and Leigh focus on six economic development strategies: sectoral strategies, and workforce development.

Planning Local Economic Development: Theory and Practice

SAGE Publications, Inc - Blakely provide a thoroughly up-to-date exploration of planning processes, business, and human resource development, and locality, analytical techniques and data, as well as advanced technology and sustainable economic development strategies. Written by authors with years of academic, and city planning experience, regional, the classic Planning Local Economic Development has laid the foundation for practitioners and academics working in planning and policy development for generations.

Nancey green Leigh and Edward J. With deeper coverage of sustainability and resiliency, towns, the new Sixth Edition explores the theories of local economic development while addressing the issues and opportunities faced by cities, and local entities in crafting their economic destinies within the global economy.

Economism: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality

Pantheon - Pantheon Books. Here is a bracing deconstruction of the framework for understanding the world that is learned as gospel in Economics 101, regardless of its imaginary assumptions and misleading half-truths. Economism: an ideology that distorts the valid principles and tools of introductory college economics, zealous lobbyists, propagated by self-styled experts, clueless politicians, and ignorant pundits.

In order to illuminate the fallacies of economism, James Kwak first offers a primer on supply and demand, market equilibrium, and social welfare: the underpinnings of most popular economic arguments. He shows us how issues of moment in contemporary american society—labor markets, demonstrating in each case with clarity and élan how, among others—are shaped by economism, because of its failure to reflect the complexities of our world, and international trade, health care, finance, taxes, economism has had a deleterious influence on policies that affect hundreds of millions of Americans.

Economism: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality - Then he provides a historical account of how economism became a prevalent mode of thought in the United States—focusing on the people who packaged Econ 101 into sound bites that were then repeated until they took on the aura of truth.

Economic Development from the State and Local Perspective: Case Studies and Public Policy Debates

Palgrave Macmillan - Pantheon Books. This definitive work mixes case law, public policy, and examines the wide range of issues facing efforts to improve the American economy, to illustrate how economic growth is driven through strong public-private partnerships, economic strategy, and how successful growth strategies from the state and local level operate to grow jobs.

Asset Building & Community Development

SAGE Publications, Inc - Sage Publications Inc. With a focus on community outcomes, the authors illustrate how development controlled by community-based organizations provides a better match between assets and the needs of the community. A comprehensive approach focused on sustainable change   Asset Building and Community Development, Fourth Edition examines the promise and limits of community development by showing students and practitioners how asset-based developments can improve the sustainability and quality of life.

Authors gary paul green and anna haines provide an engaging, thought-provoking, and comprehensive approach to asset building by focusing on the role of different forms of community capital in the development process. Pantheon Books. Updated throughout, political, social, environmental, financial, this edition explores how communities are building on their key assets―physical, human, and cultural capital― to generate positive change.

Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics: Excel 2010 Edition

SAGE Publications, Inc - Sage Publications Inc. Used book in Good Condition. This third edition is updated for use with Excel 2010 He then walks students through various statistical procedures, beginning with correlations and graphical representation of data and ending with inferential techniques and analysis of variance. Author Neil J.

Researchers and students who find themselves uncomfortable with the analysis portion of their work will appreciate this book′s unhurried pace and thorough, friendly presentation. Pantheon Books. The bestselling text statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics is the basis for this completely adapted Excel 2010 version.

Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics: Excel 2010 Edition - . Salkind begins the excel version with a complete introduction to the software, and shows the students how to install the Excel Analysis ToolPak option free to earn access to a host of new and very useful analytical techniques. Finally, a complete glossary, questions to chapter exercises, and extensive Excel functionality are located at the back of the book.

Pedagogical features include sidebars offering additional technical information about the topic and set-off points that reinforce major themes. Salkind presents an often intimidating and difficult subject in a way that is informative, personable, and clear.

Regime Politics: Governing Atlanta, 1946-1988

University Press of Kansas - Used book in Good Condition. At critical junctures forces of cooperation overcame antagonisms of race and ideology. While retaining a critical distance from rational choice theory, author Clarence Stone finds the problem of collective action to be centrally important. Although beset by changing conditions and significant cost pressures, this coalition has remained intact.

No simple matter of elite domination, it is a matter of governing arrangements built out of selective incentives and inside deal-making; such arrangements can serve only limited purposes. The flow of events enables us to see how some groups deploy their resource advantages to fashion governing arrangements to their liking.

Regime Politics: Governing Atlanta, 1946-1988 - Yet the ballot box and investment money never became opposing weapons in a battle for domination. From the end of georgia's white primary in 1946 to the present, Atlanta has been a community of growing black electoral strength and stable white economic power. Those endowed with a capacity to promote cooperation can attract allies and overcome oppositional forces.

On the negative side of the political ledger, Atlanta's style of civic cooperation is achieved at a cost. But no one enjoys a completely free hand; some arrangements are more workable than others. Instead, atlanta experienced the emergence and evolution of a biracial coalition. Pantheon Books.

Housing Policy in the United States

Routledge - Schwartz also includes the politics of austerity that has permeated almost all aspects of federal policymaking since the Congressional elections of 2010, new initiatives to rehabilitate public housing, and a new chapter on the foreclosure crisis. Used book in Good Condition. The latest available data on housing conditions, housing finance, and programmatic expenditures is included, housing discrimination, along with all new developments in federal housing policy.

The classic primer for its subject, housing policy in the United States, has been substantially revised in the wake of the 2007 near-collapse of the housing market and the nation’s recent signs of recovery. Sage Publications Inc. Pantheon Books. Routledge. This book is the perfect foundational text for urban studies, urban planning, social policy, and housing policy courses.

Housing Policy in the United States - Like its previous editions, this standard volume offers a broad overview of the field, but expands to include new information on how the crisis has affected the nation’s housing challenges, and the extent to which the federal government has addressed them. Used book in Good Condition.

The Federal Government and Urban Housing, Third Edition SUNY series in Urban Public Policy

SUNY Press - Used book in Good Condition. A comprehensive history of U. S. Spanning more than eighty years, as a country, the book argues that while our nation’s policy makers have learned a great deal about how to create and implement successful housing programs, the United States, from the Great Depression to the first two years of the Obama administration, has yet to summon the political will to address the urgent housing needs of its many citizens who are unable to afford decent housing on their own.

Routledge. Housing policy that illuminates the political struggles that have accompanied the nation’s effort to assist those citizens who are in desperate need of decent, affordable housing. Since its initial publication, the Federal Government and Urban Housing has become a standard reference on the history of housing policy in the United States.

The Federal Government and Urban Housing, Third Edition SUNY series in Urban Public Policy - It remains a unique contribution, going beyond simply describing current housing policy to situate it firmly within a broader political context. Allen hays has comprehensively updated the original material and added chapters covering the important developments in housing policy that have taken place since the publication of the second edition in 1995.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Specifically, the book examines American housing policy in the context of the ideological crosscurrents that have shaped virtually all areas of domestic policy. In this newly revised and expanded third edition, R.

Site Planning and Community Design for Great Neighborhoods

Home Builder Pr - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Book by jarvis, Frederick D. Sage Publications Inc. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Pantheon Books. Routledge.

Statistics for Geography and Environmental Science

Prentice Hall - Knowledge of statistics is therefore a necessary skill for any student of geography or environmental science. Pantheon Books. Used book in Good Condition. Sage Publications Inc. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. It focuses on analysing, exploring and making sense of data in areas of core interest to physical and human geographers, and to environmental scientists.

They help to provide informed commentary about social and environmental issues, and to make the case for change. Routledge. This textbook is aimed at students on a degree course taking a module in statistics for the first time. It covers the subject in a broadly conventional way from descriptive statistics, through inferential statistics to relational statistics but does so with an emphasis on applied data analysis throughout.

Statistics for Geography and Environmental Science - Routledge. Used book in Good Condition. Statistics are important tools for validating theory, making predictions and engaging in policy research.