Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice

Jones & Bartlett Learning - This text emphasizes the nurse's role in health promotion, and exercise, and illustrates how healthy behaviors, positive dietary changes, smoking cessation, like weight management, are more likely to be adopted by clients if nurses adopt these same behaviors. This is the most up-to-date health promotion text available, regulations, and includes detailed sections on:• innovations, and policies developed in recent years that changed health promotion practice• Health disparities• Health literacy• Alternative and complementary healing• Effective methods of promoting health and increasing client adherence to healthy behaviors• Standardized ways of evaluating health promotion interventions• Entrepreneurship• Information technology and nursing informatics• How to use the arts and literature to promote health .

In contemporary health promotion in nursing Practice, Bonnie Raingruber describes why nurses are positioned to model healthy behavior to the general public, and how they can promote health to their clients and community.

Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness

Jones & Bartlett Learning - Beginning with a new opening chapter, the second Edition takes a comprehensive, entitled, "Building Cultures of Health and Wellness", forward-looking approach to population health with an emphasis on creating a culture of wellness. The revised text takes into consideration the Affordable Care Act and its substantial impact on how health science is taught, how health care is delivered and how health care services are compensated in the United States.

Key features:- study and discussion questions are provided at the conclusion of each chapter to highlight key learning objectives and readings. Case studies highlight real world applications of concepts and strategies, and links to web sites provide additional opportunities for expanding knowledge. Each chapter can stand alone to highlight key population health issues and provide strategies to address them, allowing educators to choose specific chapters or sections that meet the learning objectives of the course.

Each new print copy includes navigate 2 advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, a full suite of instructor resources, student practice activities and assessments, and learning analytics reporting tools. Wellness and prevention, accountable care Organizations, Comparative Effectiveness Research, Patient Centered Medical Homes, and Patient Engagement have become common terms in the healthcare lexicon.

Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness - . Aimed at students and practitioners in health care settings, the Second Edition of Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness, conveys the key concepts of concepts of population health management and strategies for creating a culture of health and wellness in the context of health care reform. Practicing population based care is a central focus of the Affordable Care Act and a key component of implementing health reform.

Health Promotion in Nursing Practice 7th Edition Health Promotion in Nursing Practice Pender

Pearson - Teaching and learning experience: introduces the major individual and community models and theories that guide health promotion interventions Offers evidence-based strategies to implement and evaluate health promotion programs for diverse populations across the lifespan Fosters critical thinking on the most effective interventions and methods for health promotion practice.

Health promotion in nursing practice, provides a solid, Seventh Edition, up-to-date foundation for understanding and building the science and practice of health promotion.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Essentials

Jones & Bartlett Learning - The newly revised third edition of the doctor of nursing practice essentials: A New Model for Advanced Practice Nursing is the first text of its kind and is modeled after the eight DNP Essentials as outlined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing AACN. Each section discusses the materials relevant to an element of the Essentials document and advises on the steps necessary to fulfill the requirements of the degree.

. It also serves as a fantastic reference for professionals and those who have already completed a DNP program. Key revisions for the new third edition will include:•updated chapters•expansion and emphasis on quality analysis and models, including statistical analysis methods and models •Incorporation of adult learning theory•Additional emphasis on the role of the nursing professional •The addition of information literacy in the chapter on the DNP project needs assessment section•Addition of the Squire Guidelines as they apply to dissemination, and the expansion of the section on dissemination•Addition of information literacy as it relates to the DNP scholarly project •Expansion of inter and intra professional collaboration as it relates to the project•Information on the scholarly project committee Jones Bartlett Learning.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Essentials - The text is written for current DNP students as well as those considering the degree program.

Public Health Science and Nursing Practice: Caring for Populations

F.A. Davis Company - Problem-based learning approach features exercises, such as critical-thinking and end-of-chapter questions, to enhance your skills and apply what you’re learning. Three case studies for every chapter provide you with a step-by-step process that enables you to apply public health principles in the real world.

Application boxes demonstrate how concepts may affect specific populations. Callout boxes in each chapter highlight important information on Healthy People 2020, evidence-based practice, and rate calculations. Jones Bartlett Learning. Coverage of public health nursing competencies and roles highlights national standards in public health.

Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers

F.A. Davis Company - Case studies illustrating the paradigm drug and select common uses for each class of drugs. Jones Bartlett Learning. On the horizon boxes highlighting potentially useful drugs currently in clinical trials. Discussions of the application of advanced pharmacotherapeutics to the real world of clinical practice.

Tips on how to evaluate new drugs from the literature provided by drug representatives. Clinical pearls, insights from expert practitioners on how to increase patient compliance, analyze potential drug interactions, and improve treatment selection reasoning. Coverage of pathophysiology as it relates to the use of specific drugs.

Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers - The only text that meets all AACN/NONPF criteria. Tables that detail commonly used drugs, dosage schedules, drug/food interactions, pharmacokinetics, and available dosage forms. Easy-to-understand illustrations of drug physiology and how drugs work in the body.

Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children

Mosby - This edition includes a new epigenetics and Disease chapter along with additional What’s New boxes highlighting the latest advances in pathophysiology. Written by well-known educators kathryn mccance and sue huether, this resource is the most comprehensive and authoritative pathophysiology text available!Over 1, and joined by a team of expert contributors, 200 full-color illustrations and photographs depict the clinical manifestations of disease and disease processes ― more than in any other pathophysiology text.

A fully updated glossary includes 1, 000 terms, and makes lookup easier by grouping together similar topics and terms. Outstanding authors kathryn mccance and Sue Huether have extensive backgrounds as researchers and instructors, consultants, and utilize expert contributors, and reviewers in developing this edition.

Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children - Chapter summary reviews provide concise synopses of the main points of each chapter. Consistent presentation of diseases includes pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and evaluation and treatment. With easy-to-read, in-depth descriptions of disease, and disease processes, Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children, disease etiology, 7th Edition helps you understand the most important and the most complex pathophysiology concepts.

Algorithms and flowcharts of diseases and disorders make it easy to follow the sequential progression of disease processes. Nutrition and disease boxes explain the link between concepts of health promotion and disease. Jones Bartlett Learning.

Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice Parker, Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice

F.A. Davis Company - Excellent shape, never used. Leininger, jean Watson, Anne Boykin and Savina O. Offers in-depth coverage of the development of the theories that guide nursing practice. Features chapters written by the original theorists, scholars, and nurses experienced in use of the theory in their practice. Schoenhofer. Presents 25 major theories, including… meleis’s transition Theory Troutman-Jordan’s Theory of Successful Aging Barrett’s Theory of Power as Knowing Participation in Change Caring Theories by Madeleine M.

Jones Bartlett Learning. Addresses how to implement theory-based practice. Online code has not been used. Includes a list of references for each theory in the book, complemented by comprehensive lists online. Emphasizes the relevance of theory to practice with additional content online focused on the application of theory to research.

Population-Based Nursing, Second Edition: Concepts and Competencies for Advanced Practice

Springer Publishing Company - This edition provides a strong foundation in epidemiologic methodology, sample size, study designs, the validity and reliability of testing, including mortality measures, assessing risk and causality, and data analysis and interpretation. The text describes the role of the aprn in identifying and mitigating health care disparities at the local, national, and global level, and provides guidance on how to conduct community assessments.

Praise for the first edition: This book nicely integrates epidemiological concepts, evidence-based practice in population health, and program development and evaluation. Authors describe epidemiological research designs, research synthesis, and evidence assessment--knowledge essential for advanced practice nurses working with populations or in the community --Journal of Community Health Nursing This second edition continues to be the only advanced practice nursing text to focus on core competencies in both epidemiology and population health.

Population-Based Nursing, Second Edition: Concepts and Competencies for Advanced Practice - Online code has not been used. In addition to its value as a primary course textbook in a DNP program, the text also serves as a supplementary text for graduate community health nursing programs. High-level discussion questions and exercises help to reinforce core concepts. New topics include pay for performance implemented by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS, the overconsumption of salt, toxic stress, the increasing use of electronic cigarettes, and more.

Planning, Implementing, & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs: A Primer 6th Edition

Pearson - I also like that the book prepares and encourages students to take the CHES exam as well as gives them the tools they need to be successful. Aimee richardson, american University, Adjunct Faculty, Washington, DC Jones Bartlett Learning. The sixth edition features updated information throughout, significantly re-worked Chapters 2 Starting the Planning Process and 3 Models for Program Planning in Health Promotion for a more streamlined presentation, a more robust supplements package, and more information on program management and administration.

Used book in Good Condition. Online code has not been used. Planning, implementing, and evaluating Health Promotion Programs: A Primer provides a very clear and concise explanation on how to develop a Health Promotion Program. Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion Programs: A Primer provides you with a comprehensive overview of the practical and theoretical skills needed to plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion programs in a variety of settings.

Planning, Implementing, & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs: A Primer 6th Edition - . The book provides excellent examples and activities for application of Program Planning as well as ties in each step so the final process makes sense. Excellent shape, never used. It has been thoroughly reviewed by both practitioners and professors to reflect the latest trends in the field.

Contemporary Nursing Knowledge: Analysis and Evaluation of Nursing Models and Theories

F.A. Davis Company - Strategies demonstrate how to implement each nursing model and theory in clinical nursing practice. Online code has not been used. Used book in Good Condition. Excellent shape, never used. Jones Bartlett Learning. The most current bibliography includes published literature on conceptual models and theories—with yearly updates on DavisPlus.

Quotations from primary sources represent each theorist’s work, avoiding confusing or inaccurate interpretations of their intent. Cd-rom features conceptual model- and theory-based practice applications, and research instruments, research applications, practice tools, as well as each chapter's bibliography.

Contemporary Nursing Knowledge: Analysis and Evaluation of Nursing Models and Theories - An overview and list of key terms at the beginning of each chapter provides a quick preview of the essential content. Tables feature applications to practice and research listed according to development stage, medical diagnosis, and practice setting, and health focus. A consistent nursing process format for each conceptual model and theory help you understand how it is actually used in practice.